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Felony Dui Defense Attorney Atlanta Ga

Felony Dui Defense Attorney Atlanta GA As the most reputable felony DUI defense attorney in Atlanta, GA, DUI Attorney Atlanta, GA provides quality representation to clients, from first time DUI offenders to those with a more detailed history of DUI offenses. Call now for a consultation with an attorney to discuss your case or visit the website to learn more about the most dedicated law firm in Atlanta. Felony Dui Defense Attorney Atlanta GA

Fathers Rights Divorce San Diego
Marc Shular Family Law

Do you need a lawyer who specializes in fathers rights for divorce in San Diego? Let Marc Shular Law aggressively assert your rights to ensure a positive outcome for your case. The future of your family depends on the hiring of an experienced lawyer; call Marc Shular Law today at 858-602-5999 for expert representation.

Criminal Defense Lawyer Long Beach CA
It can be challenging finding the right criminal defense lawyer in Long Beach, CA. Discuss your case for free with the experienced legal team from Takakjian & Sitkoff Law Firm when you call for a free case evaluation. For DUI defense, domestic violence cases, theft crimes and other offenses, you won’t find better legal representation. Takakjian & Sitkoff, LLP

Foreclosure Defense Lawyer In Minneapolis
Law Offices of Craig W. Andresen
(763) 566-3001

Andreson Law can help stop your mortgage foreclosure so you can keep your home, even if you’re blind on your mortgage payments. If you’ve been told your home was going to be foreclosed on, make a call to the most trusted foreclosure defense lawyer in Minneapolis at 952-831-1995. Filing Chapter 13 may give you 3-5 years to catch up on your loan with no penalties.

Pittsburgh Criminal Defense Lawyer

Orie & Zivic
1901 Law & Finance Building 429 Fourth Ave
Pittsburgh PA 15219 US

Not every Pittsburgh criminal defense lawyer has what it takes to win your case and protect your name. At Orie & Zivic Law Firm, we feel it’s our duty to protect our clients from navigating the criminal justice system alone. Let our attorneys go to work to prove your innocence. Give us a call at 412-281-3180 to discuss your case.

Criminal Defense Attorney Los Angeles
Takakjian & Sitkoff, LLP
(310) 312-8055

It’s never a wise decision to place your future, reputation and liberties in the hands of an attorney just as inexperienced as you are. If you’re in need of a criminal defense attorney, you want to hire the best, in Los Angeles, contact the Former District Attorneys at 888-579-4844 and speak with an experienced lawyer with unmatched legal expertise in both criminal and DUI defense.

Jeffrey Feulner Mens Divorce Law Firm
Jeffrey Feulner Men’s Divorce Law Firm is a practice founded by Jeffrey Feulner that has the goal of helping men through the process of divorce. We represent our clients with years of experience in Florida law and in particular law relating to family disputes.

Huntsville Bankruptcy Lawyer

Law Offices of Joseph G. Pleva
3330 L and N Dr SW
Huntsville AL 35801 US

If you’re searching for a Huntsville bankruptcy lawyer, you’ll want to partner with a firm that is skilled in finding the right solutions to everyday financial problems. Attorney Joseph G Pleva is qualified to assist you in declaring Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy so you can experience a fresh start with your finances. Call 256-617-7115 to schedule a consultation. Law Offices Of Joseph G. Pleva